Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ice Damming Gutters

Spring is trying to peek in the door folks and I don't know about you, but I can't wait! It means warmer temperatures, longer days, and the color starting to come back into our lives. Unfortunately it also means pot holes in the road caused by snow plows and roof leaks caused by ice damming and of course that never before discovered crack in our concrete driveway.
All the insurance companies have been working double time trying to handle all the insurance claims being called in from all over the greater Detroit area regarding interior water damage caused by roof ice dams. Ice damming is something that occurs to roofs through a process of melting and refreezing of snow that falls on our homes through the long winter months.
This usually starts to happen to your roof where the roof and gutter meets. The ice dam starts when your gutters fill up with ice and give the forming ice dam a base to build upon. Without the gutter, the ice would slide off the roof before it could start the climb up your roof.
When the ice dam starts its climb up your roof, it defies gravity and grows atop and under your shingles. When springs warmer temperature arrives, the ice melts and that ice that has formed under your shingles drips down your roof rafters to where it meets the top plates of the outer wall of your house. Usually the water damage first shows up in the form of drywall damage and bubbled paint.

House Without Proper Insulation & Heat Tape

Ice Damming Diagram 
What Causes Ice Damming?
When the ceiling that sets just below the roof / attic is not insulated properly and causes heat loss. This is what is melting the snow on your roof prematurely. Even when the temperatures outside are cold enough to prevent the melting snow. The heat loss through your ceilings can be substantial.

Solution To Ice Damming
Step #1: Make sure your attic is ventilated properly.
Step #2: Apply R-49 (or) higher insulation to your attic floor; this will prevent that heat loss.
Step #3: If steps #1 & #2 don't seem to be doing the trick by themselves; you can always install heat tape that comes in various lengths and is simply installed by laying it in and through your gutters and then laying on your roof shingles in a zig zag pattern and secure them with small fasteners. Then you simply plug it into your GIFC protected exterior plug. The heat tape heats up to a temperature just above freezing and does not allow the ice to form.

House With Proper Insulation & Heat Tape
Heat Tape

*Note: Steps #1 & #2 usually do the trick, but don't hesitape to apply Step #3 if you're worried!

Home Base Home Improvement has been busy this winter helping people with their ice dam prevention and the repairs to the water damage that they cause. We have been working in Sterling Heights, Northville, Farmington, livonia, and of course the entire Downriver area.
I hope this helps your understanding of this winter nemesis. Remember, Home Base Home Improvement "Does It All" and can help you with all your home improvement needs.
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Home Improvements

Spring is rapidly approaching and Home Base Home Improvement is gearing up for the spring Home Improvement season. Which we all know ia a great time to address all the Home Improvement needs you have been talking about all winter. 
Home Base Home Improvement has already started contracting work all over the tri-county area. Some people have got a jump start on things and beat the rush, but it's never too late. A homeowner in Northville contracted a Bathroom Remodel, a home owner in Livonia contracted a Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel. 
Home Base Home Improvement is expanding our area that we work in, with opening up our advertising to include the following area's; Oakland County & Macomb County. We have always done work in those area's but never really targeted them with our advertising. 
Home Base Home Improvement is just finishing up the exterior remodel for Keefer's Bar at their new location: 6736 Allen Rd. Allen Park, MI. Make sure if you get a chance, to drive by and check it out. Keith the owner is really doing it up right with this new bar. The interior is going to be out of this world. Home Base Home Improvement is remodeling both bathrooms, replacing all doors, and working to complete the new bar area. Which will feature a concrete bar top, polished and stained concrete floors, and many more improvements. 

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