Friday, June 15, 2012

New Concrete!!

This is definitely the time to replace that driveway or porch!

What makes this the right time is the weather. When the outside temperatures 50 degrees or higher, this is ideal for concrete to cure properly. Even though you can pour concrete in colder temperatures with the help of additives such as calcium chloride to help it sure faster (So as not to freeze), Home Base, Inc. tries to avoid this whenever we can.

If you do have new concrete poured in colder conditions it does come with additional worries, such as flaking due to the moisture in the concrete freezing before the concrete dries.

Concrete stays green for approximately 12 months. Even though you can drive on it and walk on it in less than 2 weeks, it’s important to protect your concrete by applying concrete sealer. After it initially dries this will help prevent salt and other harmful agents from penetrating into your concrete causing it to pit or crumble. Most companies that offer concrete work give you the option of applying this yourself or for a nominal fee to do this for you.

With that being said, spring time thru early September is the best time to get that concrete work done.

Home Base Home Improvement and Construction is a full service remodeling company and definitely offers concrete work with all its other services. We try to educate all our customers about the important aspects of a good quality concrete job. So please feel free to call and set up your FREE in home estimate for your next home improvement project.

Thank you,
Todd Dodson
 Home Base, Inc.