Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Question of the Week #3

Question of the Week

Q: What should I look for when looking for new kitchen cabinets?

A: 1st Look for a cabinet that has been being manufactured for quite sometime
·        This helps ensure if you have any issues (or) want to add cabinets later to your kitchen, the cabinets will still be available
·        Also, look for cabinets (if possible) that are being distributed nationwide. This also shows strength and market visibility

2nd There are two very important features a cabinet should always have
·        ¾” Solid wood constructed drawers with dove tail attached
·        Drawer fronts
·        ¾” Shelves
·        The dove tail attachment will ensure the drawer front does not pull off from the constant pulling, it will go through during the life of the cabinet
·        The ¾” shelves will ensure your shelves will hold up better to any weight you may set upon them and not sag

3rd Plywood/Veneer box construction (vs.) MDF/Photo Finish Box Construction
·        This is really on a concern regarding one issue. Wood veneer being natural wood will age (darken) evenly with all wood cabinet fronts of the cabinets. Cabinets with photo finish veneer will not age (darken) at all as the cabinet front will.
·        Cabinet with a lot of natural light exposure will age (darken) faster than cabinets with little (or) no light natural light exposure. Most cabinets do not have a lot of natural light exposure due to the fact that most kitchens only have ( 1 ) window in them, aging should not be an issue
·        Most cabinet lines will have all wood construction drawers with dove tail fronts, along with ¾” shelves and offer an option of box construction. Either MDF/Photo Finish Veneer (or) Plywood Box Veneer Finish. If aging is a concern, you can have the end cabinets that are exposed to the natural light be Plywood Veneer and the rest MDF/Photo Finish. This will save you money. The durability factors between the two different types of box construction are the same.

*Note: Home Base Home Improvement & Construction offers both types of cabinets that feature both types of box construction. We also deal with cabinet manufacturers that have been in business for quite some time and sell their cabinets in all 50+ states.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Question of the Week #2

Question of the week

Q:  How do I choose a contractor to do my home remodeling projects?

A: 1st Get at least 3 estimates for and project you plan on having done
·        This will give you a range of pricing for the project and educate you in the process
·        Any more than 3 estimates could confuse you more than help you

2nd What companies to get your estimates from
·        Make sure you look for companies that have been in business at least 10 years
·        This will help you to ensure the company has at least come experience in what you are wanting done
·        Also, warranties mean more if the company has a track record of being in business

3rd If possible, it is also good if the company you do business with has a public off and (or) show room they do business out of
·        This is helpful if you have a service need on your project after it has been completed
·        The contractor can simply change their phone number or refuse to answer your phone calls when you try to contact them
·        You can always just show up at their place of business

4th Make sure the contractor you choose has the proper license and insurance. This will protect your as a home owner. This is very important.
·        License Types:
·        Builders License
·        Electrical License
·        HVAC License
·        Plumbing License
·        Insurance Types:
·        Liability Insurance
·        Workman’s Comp. Insurance

5th Make sure your contractor can give you references of past jobs they have completed.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Question of the week

Winter time home remodeling

Questions & answers

Q: Can I do concrete in the winter time?

A: Porches & house foundation you can have done year round. This is because it’s below grade (ground). All flat work (sidewalks, driveways & patios should not be poured due to winter frost that causes the ground to rise up. This can cause your new concrete to crack. Also, if you pour flat concrete in the winter & don’t protect it from frost before it sets up, it can cause the top finish to flake off. The best time to have flat concrete work is between April & October.

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