Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Season - Home Improvement

Remember the saying “The Early Bird Catches The Worm”, well that also goes for
Home Owners who are planning to do Home Improvements to their homes in 2011.
If you don’t procrastinate and you start early with the process of getting your estimates for that project you have been planning, you’ll have time to choose the company to trust with your investment and get on the schedule. You wont be waiting the whole summer for something that could have been done in early spring.
Remember, the real good companies are in BIG Demand!

IMPORTANT things to look for when choosing your contractor.

A. It’s always safer to deal with companies that have been in business for a long time.  
This way you can track their history to make sure your not dealing with a company that has a history of bad business. 

B. Make sure your contractor is properly Insured and Licensed.
      - Liability Insurance
      - Workman’s Comp.
      - Proper State License for the trade they perform
      - Lead Abatement Certified (if applicable)

Builders License

C. Make sure your contractor can provide plenty of references with regards to the type of work they are proposing to do for you.

D. It’s always safest to do business with a company that operates out of a place of business, instead of their home. This way your not just relying on a phone number to contact if you have problems on your project (or) if Warranty Service work is needed.

Liability Insurance

E. Make sure your contractor is prepared to offer you multiple ways of contact to a project manager that is over seeing your project. This can simply be a phone number & e-mail you can reach this person at after business hours incase there are problems.

 Remember 9/10th of the battle is communication.

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