Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall is here, get your home prepared for winter!

Summer has left us
 once again and
fall is here!


          It’s time to get your house ready for winter. Home Base Home Improvement & Construction offer the following services to help keep Old Man Winter at bay.

A.)   New Windows (Sunrise Premium Vinyl Windows)
·        Feature the most state of the art glass systems available in today’s market.

B.)  Entry Doors
·        Steel Insulated
·        Fiberglass Insulated
·        Available in many colors and styles

C.)  Insulate Your Home
·        We can blow Cellulose Insulation in your attic to give you an   R-42 insulation factor.
·        We can inject foam insulation into the exterior walls to give you an R-21 insulation factor

·        Caulk seal all window & door trim
*Note: If you have already updated your doors and windows, and enough time has passed where your caulking is starting to fail it’s time to re-caulk to ensure you have no air leaks.

E.)  Gutter Guard
·        Install gutter guards to prevent your gutters from packing full of leaves this fall

          Saving energy is our goal this time of year. By doing so, we as home owners save money with the ever rising energy costs. If you address the issues that I have mentioned in this article, you can rest assured you’ve done your best to save money this year.

          Home Base Home Improvement & Construction offer the best products available in today’s market along with great installation and service to satisfy your needs. Please call today to set up a FREE in home estimate & check out our monthly specials. Remember, WE DO IT ALL!

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Thank You,
Todd Dodson
Home Base, Inc.