Monday, October 22, 2012

Kitchens, Bathrooms & Basements

We are often asked this question this time of year;
            What kind of home improvement does Home Base Home Improvement & Construction do most in the fall & winter?
·        1st – Kitchen & Bathrooms
·        2nd – Finished Basements

            We still do it all through this time of year, but we do more interior remodeling when it gets cold out. We just figure it’s because home owners spend more time in doors this time of year and that is their motivation. We have some great deals going on this time of year so call now to schedule your FREE in home estimate and check out the discount that we are offering.

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Remember, We Do It All!

Thank you,
Todd Dodson
Home Base, Inc.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Kitchen & Baths
It’s that time!
Summer is over and winter is almost here.
            Let’s face it, this time of year is when it’s night time more than it’s day time. We spend more time inside our homes.
            This is when we all notice more that kitchen or bathroom that you always wanted to remodel.
            The holidays are coming up and the chance of having company over increases and we all want our homes to look as nice as possible.
            Besides the other reasons we have to motivate us to finally get to that remodeling project. Like, fixing up your home for resale or you finally have the money, and you figure you’ll do it while you have it. No matter what the reason is, Home Base Home Improvement & Construction can help you with that remodel.
            Let’s talk about some of the reasons you should consider calling Home Base Home Improvement and Construction for a FREE in home estimate regarding your Kitchen or Bathroom.

A.)   We are licensed and insured

B.)   We have been in business for a very long time
·        Which means we will be around if you need service work

C.)  We back all of our work with a 10 Year Workmanship Warranty
·        Which proves we believe in our quality of work

D.)  We have a showroom to help with your product selection
·        We don’t make you go to a big box store to get your own material

E.)   We don’t make you measure your own kitchen or bathroom to figure out your initial estimate
·        We include that in your FREE in home estimate

F.)   We work with all name brand products

G.)  We are a full line remodeling company. We do it all. We always have.
·        That makes it convenient for home owners due to the fact they don’t have to deal with multiple companies to complete all their home improvement needs

H.)  All of our skilled tradesmen have been with us for a long time and are at the top of their field

I.)     We offer the most for the least
·        The American Dream

A.)   Quality Cabinetry
·        Aristokraft Cabinets
·        Kraftmaid Cabinets

B.)   Countertops
·        Laminate High Definition
·        Granite (Solid Surfaced)
·        Quartz (Solid Surfaced)
·        Corian (Solid Surfaced)

C.)  Plumbing
·        Delta Faucets
·        Moen Faucets
·        Kohler Faucets
·        Disposals
·        Re-plumbs
·        Water lines for refrigerator ice makers

D.)  Ceramic Tile Backsplashes
·        Options using:
·        Glass Tile
·        Tumbled Marble

E.)   Flooring
·        Vinyl
·        Ceramic Tile
·        Laminate
·        Hard Wood

F.)   Under Cabinet Lighting
·        LED
·        Halogen

G.)  Painting

H.)  Lighting

A.)   Tubs
·        Soaker Tubs
·        Whirlpool Tubs
·        Standard Tubs
·        Steel
·        Acrylic
·        Cast Iron

B.)    Showers
·        Acrylic
·        Ceramic Tile

C.)   Faucets
·        Delta
·        Moen
·        Kohler

D.)   Flooring
·        Ceramic Tile
·        Vinyl

E.)   Shower Doors
·        Standard
·        Euro

F.)   Heated Floors

G.)  Electrical

H.)   Painting

I.)      Tub & Shower Surrounds
·        Acrylic
·        Ceramic Tile
·        Glass Tile
·        Marbelite

J.)    Lighting

K.)   Vanities

L.)    Linen Cabinets

M.)   Mirrors

N.)   Medicine Cabinets

            Ok, with all this being said make sure you call A.S.A.P. for your FREE in home estimate for your kitchen & bathroom remodel.
            Home Base Home Improvement and Construction is offering monthly specials and you can’t afford to miss out.

Thank you,
Todd Dodson
Home Base, Inc.

Home Base
Home Improvement and Construction
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall is here, get your home prepared for winter!

Summer has left us
 once again and
fall is here!


          It’s time to get your house ready for winter. Home Base Home Improvement & Construction offer the following services to help keep Old Man Winter at bay.

A.)   New Windows (Sunrise Premium Vinyl Windows)
·        Feature the most state of the art glass systems available in today’s market.

B.)  Entry Doors
·        Steel Insulated
·        Fiberglass Insulated
·        Available in many colors and styles

C.)  Insulate Your Home
·        We can blow Cellulose Insulation in your attic to give you an   R-42 insulation factor.
·        We can inject foam insulation into the exterior walls to give you an R-21 insulation factor

·        Caulk seal all window & door trim
*Note: If you have already updated your doors and windows, and enough time has passed where your caulking is starting to fail it’s time to re-caulk to ensure you have no air leaks.

E.)  Gutter Guard
·        Install gutter guards to prevent your gutters from packing full of leaves this fall

          Saving energy is our goal this time of year. By doing so, we as home owners save money with the ever rising energy costs. If you address the issues that I have mentioned in this article, you can rest assured you’ve done your best to save money this year.

          Home Base Home Improvement & Construction offer the best products available in today’s market along with great installation and service to satisfy your needs. Please call today to set up a FREE in home estimate & check out our monthly specials. Remember, WE DO IT ALL!

Call 313-382-3131 or 866-849-2300

Thank You,
Todd Dodson
Home Base, Inc.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Choosing the RIGHT Home Improvement Company

Finding the right company / contractor to trust with your next home improvement project!

*      Attention Home Owners

        I want to share with you my opinion on the most successful was to choose the right home improvement company or contractor to start & complete your next home improvement project.

A.) 1st – Do your homework
·       Find a company by the following ways:
·        Personal referral
·        Direct mail advertisement
·        Internet
·        Billboards
·        Yellow Pages
·        TV Commercials

B.) Make sure the company you call has been in business for a while. (10 – 20 Years)
·        Chances are, if they have been in business for a while they do good work and will be around in case you need a service on the work they have done for you.

*      Make sure the company has the proper state license
·        Building License
·        Ect.

C.) Make sure the company has the proper insurances
·     Workman’s Compensation
·     Liability

D.) Make sure the company has been lead abated certified
·     This is required if your house was built in 1978 or before for the company / contractor to be able to work on your home.

E.) Ask for job referrals in conjunction with the type of work you are having done
·        If they cannot provide this, chances are they have not performed that kind of work to any extent which should worry you to what the out come will be.
F.) Ask how long the workers / tradesman that will be working on your home have been working for the company
·     This is important because companies that have a big turnover in workers tend to not have the best qualified people to trust with your project.
·     This can happen when a company does not want to pay their tradesman proper wages and results in less qualified help that is willing to work for less. Imagine this being the case with your doctor’s office or dentist office.

G.) When you have chosen the company to receive your estimates from, keep the following in mind
·     It’s almost impossible to get the most for the least.
·     If it seems to good to be true, it most likely isn’t true.
·     You DO NOT have to go with the highest estimate to ensure   the best job.
·     If someone offers something of value for free, this should set off red flags on the warranty for you. This is simply an insult to your intelligence. Remember, a bottle of water cost you a dollar today.

Home Base Home Improvement wishes everybody the best in your search. Remember, Home Base, Inc.
Call for your FREE in home estimate
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Thank You
Todd Dodson
Home Base, Inc.

Friday, June 15, 2012

New Concrete!!

This is definitely the time to replace that driveway or porch!

What makes this the right time is the weather. When the outside temperatures 50 degrees or higher, this is ideal for concrete to cure properly. Even though you can pour concrete in colder temperatures with the help of additives such as calcium chloride to help it sure faster (So as not to freeze), Home Base, Inc. tries to avoid this whenever we can.

If you do have new concrete poured in colder conditions it does come with additional worries, such as flaking due to the moisture in the concrete freezing before the concrete dries.

Concrete stays green for approximately 12 months. Even though you can drive on it and walk on it in less than 2 weeks, it’s important to protect your concrete by applying concrete sealer. After it initially dries this will help prevent salt and other harmful agents from penetrating into your concrete causing it to pit or crumble. Most companies that offer concrete work give you the option of applying this yourself or for a nominal fee to do this for you.

With that being said, spring time thru early September is the best time to get that concrete work done.

Home Base Home Improvement and Construction is a full service remodeling company and definitely offers concrete work with all its other services. We try to educate all our customers about the important aspects of a good quality concrete job. So please feel free to call and set up your FREE in home estimate for your next home improvement project.

Thank you,
Todd Dodson
 Home Base, Inc.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It’s Roofing Season!
Complete roofing for your home with a Lifetime Warranty on material & labor.
(Call for details)

Home Base Home Improvement & Construction is GAF certified.

·        $500 OFF all complete roof systems

Call for your FREE in home estimate today!
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Or visit us at:

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Great Service

Home Base Home Improvement & Construction approach to the construction and remodeling industry

A.)Using the most innovative and quality products in the industry

B.)       Providing skilled trades that are at the top of there trade and provide great service

C.)      Standing behind our work well past the industries standard 18 months with our *10 Year Workmanship Warranty*

A + B + C = A Great Job!

Don’t settle for less when deciding who to trust with your next home improvement project

Call Home Base Home Improvement & Construction today, for your FREE in home estimate for your next home improvement project!!

Todd Dodson
Home Base, Inc

Home Base Inc. 
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Is Here!

Don’t Miss Our Spring Specials!!
The Warm Weather Is HERE!! 
Fix up the outside of your home before summer!
·        $500 OFF on complete Roofs
·        $500 OFF Vinyl Siding on complete house
·        20% OFF Steel & Fiberglass Doors
·        20% OFF Storm Doors
·        $500 OFF on New Porches
·        $500 OFF on New Porch Roofs
·        20% OFF on New Garages
·        20% OFF Cement Work

·        $2,200 OFF Complete Remodel

·        $2,200 OFF Complete Remodel

·        $2,000 OFF

New 2nd Floor Additons & Dormers
·        $2,000 OFF

New Vinyl Windows
·        20% OFF

We Are Currently Working In Your Area!!
These Are Just Some Of The Cities You Can Find Us Working In!
Lincoln Park
Allen Park
Farmington Hills
Bloomfield Hills
Mount Clemens
Garden City
Madison Heights
Sterling Heights

We Have Been Servicing The Tri County Area For Many Years.
Home Base Home Improvement & Construction Prides Itself with;
·        Great Service
·        Great Products
·        Great Warranties
Call Now For Your FREE In Home Estimate!!
Call (313) 382-3131 or 1-866-849-2300

We Back All Our Work With A 10 Year Workmanship Warranty